12-Bar Jazz-Blues Rhythm

12-Bar Jazz-Blues video tutorial... In this lesson you'll find 3 examples of standard jazz-blues progressions in G and Bb with different harmonic solutions. Chord-charts, chords tabs and backing tracks are available for this lesson.


Example 1: 12-Bar Jazz-Blues in G

In this first example I played a standard jazz-blues in G. Note the II-V in the fourth bar, the I7-IIm7-IIIm7-VI7b9 progression in the seventh and eighth bar, again the IIm7-V7 in the ninth and tenth bar and finally the turn-around.


Example 2: 12-Bar Jazz-Blues in Bb

In the following video I played another standard jazz-blues in Bb. The structure is the same as before except for the dim7 chord (C#dim7) in the sixth bar.


Example 3: 12-Bar Jazz-Blues in G

Another standard jazz-blues progression. Same structure as before but instead of playing the turn-around at the end of the progression, I chose two II-V in a row.


Chords Table

In this Pdf you'll find every chord fingering that I used in the previous three videos.


Backing Tacks


Jazz-Blues in G [Example 1] - 100 Bpm


Jazz-Blues in Bb [Example 2] - 112 Bpm


Jazz-Blues in G [Example 3] - 144 Bpm


Country Double-Stops [Built on Mixolydian mode]

Country Double-Stops video lessons, built on Mixolydian mode and therefore suitable for every dominant seventh chord... 4 videos where you'll learn the standard country-blues rhythm, double-stops sequences, a guitar solo built using double-stops and another solo with double-stops and pentatonics major. Tabs and backing tracks are included!


Country-Blues Rhythm in A

In this video I played a classic country-blues structure in the key of A. This is a progression of I7, IV7 and V7 in 16 bars instead of the usual 12 bars of the traditional Blues.


Mixolydian Double-Stops solo in A


In this solo I played some sequences built using the double-stops of the Mixolydian mode. I used three different sequences, one for each chord.


Country solo with Double-Stops and Pentatonic major


This solo is built with Pentatonics major as well as with double-stops. When the seventh dominant chord changes, it changes the set of double-stops and changes the Pentatonic major, which will be the one related to the chord.


Backing Tacks


Country-Blues in A - 128 Bpm


Country-Blues in A - 150 Bpm


Blues Endings & Blues Turn-Arounds [in the key of A]

In this free lesson I played some of the classic licks used on the last 2 bars of a standard Blues progression. These bars are called Turn-Around. In the second part of this video I played a solo on a Blues-Shuffle in A, where I used some of the Blues-Endings shown in the first part. Tabs for the Blues-Endings are embedded in the video. You can download the Tab for the solo by clicking on the link below the video.


Cold day in Hell - Gary Moore [intro + 1st & 2nd verse Licks]

Cold day in hell is the first track of the album After Hours released in 1992. The song is a Funk-Rock in the key of C# minor with powerful licks built using C# Blues Scale. In particular, almost every lick has been played using the first BOX of the scale and its extensions. Tabs are embedded in the video. You can find the fingerings for the Blues Scale BOXES here and the extensions of the scale following this link. Enjoy!


Pentatonic Minor & Blues Scale Licks

In the following 2 videos you'll find some cool licks built by using the Pentatonic Minor / Blues Scale in many keys. In particular, I used the 1st BOX of the scale, its extension, then the 4th BOX and its extension. You can find the Blues Scale fingerings following this link and its extensions by clicking here. Tabs are embedded in the video.


Part One

In this first video I played some licks using the 1st BOX of the Pentatonic minor / Blues Scale and its extension.




Part Two

In the following video you can find a series of examples built using the 4th BOX of the Pentatonic minor scale and its extension.

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