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Country Double-Stops [Built on Mixolydian mode]

Country Double-Stops video lessons, built on Mixolydian mode and therefore suitable for every dominant seventh chord... 4 videos where you'll learn the standard country-blues rhythm, double-stops sequences, a guitar solo built using double-stops and another solo with double-stops and pentatonics major. Tabs and backing tracks are included!


Country-Blues Rhythm in A

In this video I played a classic country-blues structure in the key of A. This is a progression of I7, IV7 and V7 in 16 bars instead of the usual 12 bars of the traditional Blues.


Mixolydian Double-Stops solo in A


In this solo I played some sequences built using the double-stops of the Mixolydian mode. I used three different sequences, one for each chord.


Country solo with Double-Stops and Pentatonic major


This solo is built with Pentatonics major as well as with double-stops. When the seventh dominant chord changes, it changes the set of double-stops and changes the Pentatonic major, which will be the one related to the chord.


Backing Tacks


Country-Blues in A - 128 Bpm


Country-Blues in A - 150 Bpm


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