Pentatonic Minor & Blues Scale Licks

In the following 2 videos you'll find some cool licks built by using the Pentatonic Minor / Blues Scale in many keys. In particular, I used the 1st BOX of the scale, its extension, then the 4th BOX and its extension. You can find the Blues Scale fingerings following this link and its extensions by clicking here. Tabs are embedded in the video.


Part One

In this first video I played some licks using the 1st BOX of the Pentatonic minor / Blues Scale and its extension.




Part Two

In the following video you can find a series of examples built using the 4th BOX of the Pentatonic minor scale and its extension. - Via Terrazzini 8, 57122 Livorno, Italy | Mobile +39 389 5310674 | Email:
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