Scuttle Buttin' - Stevie Ray Vaughan [Main Theme]

Scuttle Buttin' is the first track of the album Couldn't Stand The Weather released in 1984. It's a fast (160 Bpm) instrumental blues piece in the key of E. The main theme, which opens and ends the tune, is built around the first open BOX of the E Pentatonic minor scale. Tabs are embedded in the video... Have fun!





Riviera Paradise - Stevie Ray Vaughan [Intro & Main Theme]

Riviera Paradise is the song that ends the Stevie Ray Vaughan's last album In Step, released in 1989. It's a slow and soulful instrumental piece, considered by Stevie Ray Vaughan himself as his masterpiece. The song is in E minor and in this video I played the Intro and the Main Theme. Tabs are embedded in the video.





Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix - SRV version [Intro]

Little Wing is a stunning ballad written by Jimi Hendrix and released with his second album Axis: Bold as Love in 1967. Stevie Ray Vaughan covered the song often during his concerts and is included on Stevie's album The Sky Is Crying released in 1991, one year after his death. 3 videos are available for this lesson: the first is the intro (standard speed), the second is the intro slowed down. Tabs are included.


Intro (Standard Speed)



Intro (Slower)


Pentatonic minor & Natural minor Solo

I played this guitar solo on the structure of All Along The Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix version) in the key of B minor. During the soloing I used the Pentatonic minor / Blues Scale together with the Natural Minor Scale playing every BOX across the fretboard. You can find the Blues Scale BOXES following this link, its extensions by clicking here and finally here the positions of the Natural Minor Scale. Tabs are available by clicking the link below the video.







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