Daily Blues Licks Selection Vol.1

Daily Blues Licks Selection Vol.1

Here is a cool assortment of 30 Daily Blues Licks selected among the acclaimed series with which I got over 160k Followers and millions of views on Instagram. This selection includes Blues intros, outros, Pentatonic Major & Minor licks, Modal Scales licks (Mixolydian, Dorian, Aeolian) and some famous blues artists' lick sequences. Every Daily Blues Lick comes with 16:9 Video (streaming + download), Backing Track and PDF with Music Notation and Tabs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get this great collection on your smartphone, tablet, and pc!



9 Blues scale lick in A
49 Shuffle Blues ending in A
62 Blues scale lick in G
66 Dorian and Pentatonic minor licks sequence in E
90 Natural minor scale lick in Bm
92 Dorian lick in E
99 E open Blues scale in E
100 Slow Blues intro in A
101 Funk licks sequence in D
105 Shuffle Blues ending in E
107 Rock Blues licks sequence in E
109 Country Blues licks sequence in A
111 Shuffle Blues intro in G
113 Rock Blues intro in Em
115 Licks Sequence
118 Slow Blues outro in C
119 Solo inspired by Albert King's Blues Power
121 Slow Rock Blues sequence in Bm
125 Shuffle Blues intro in A
128 Full 12-Bar Blues solo in Bm
129 Funk licks sequence in Am
131 Full 8-Bar Slow Blues Solo
132 Blues scale funk licks in Am
134 Blues Intro in A
135 Blues Intro in C
137 Jazz Blues Intro in Bb
145 Funk Rock sequence in D
148 Solo inspired by BB King's Lucille
150 Funk Rock Lick in E
151 Natural minor sequence in Bm



30 Licks with Full HD videos
24 long Backing Tracks
Printable PDF with Tabs and Music Notation
Mp3 audio tracks for every Lick
Media available for streaming & download
100% Digital - No Shipping Required



Price: $24.90

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