Daily Blues Licks Selection Vol.2

Daily Blues Licks Selection Vol.2

Here is the second selection I made, with 20 tasty Daily Blues Licks. Every video is downloadable and comes with high-quality printable tabs with music notation, Guitar Pro 7 tabs, and long backing tracks.
Check out the list below!


GUITAR PRO TABS are included in this bundle.



1 & 174 Blues shuffle single lick in E
4 & 177 Blues shuffle intro lick in A
18 & 200 Emotional lick on a slow Blues in D minor
41 & 278 Blues shuffle intro lick in E
98 & 211 Rock blues Dorian sequence with 16th note triplets
139 & 269 My solo on The Thrill Is Gone - BB King
144 & 270 My solo on Need Your Love So Bad - Peter Green
156 Blues licks inspired by So Excited - Stevie Ray Vaughan
160 & 240 Dreamy licks sequence using the Dorian mode in E minor
167 Rock Blues rhythm and licks around the Hendrix chord E7#9
175 & 277 Full solo inspired by Kenny Wayne Shepherd in C minor
214 Jazz Blues solo on a 12-Bar Jazz Blues in Bb
227 Super slow minor Blues solo in A minor
254 Blues shuffle intro in G
257 Pentatonic major Country Blues licks in A
265 Rock Blues licks with arpeggios and Blues scale in A minor
267 Funk Blues sequence in E 
272 Medium tempo full solo on 12-Bar Blues in A
274 My solo on Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix
275 Arpeggios sequence in E minor



20 Videos in square format
20 long Backing Tracks
Printable PDF with Tabs and Music Notation
Guitar Pro Tabs for every Lick
Media available for streaming & download
100% Digital - No Shipping Required



Price: $24.90

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