Daily Blues Licks Selection Vol.3

Daily Blues Licks Selection Vol.3

Here is my latest great selection of 20 Daily Blues Licks, which includes full solos and single licks covering different blues styles, keys, and rhythms. Every video is downloadable and comes with high-quality printable tabs with music notation, Guitar Pro 7 tabs, and long backing tracks.
Check out the list below!


GUITAR PRO TABS are included in this bundle.



276 Solo on a minor progression in Dm
293 My solo on All Along The Watchtower
296 Sweet major Blues solo in C
302 Solo inspired by Red House
311 G minor arpeggio + fast descending run
312 Licks on the last 4 bars of a Blues
314 Slow Blues intro
317 Licks on a Blues Shuffle in G
322 Power Blues Rock licks in E
323 Jazzy lick on a IIm7 V7 I7 progression
331 My solo on Crossroads
336 Power Blues licks in Em
337 Country Blues lick in G
342 Tasty lick in the style of BB King
344 Lick centered around the Mixolydian
351 Blues ending in A
354 16th-note descending lick in Em
370 Lick inspired by Old Love
371 My solo on Layla
378 Descending lick + Mixolydian double-stops



20 Videos in square format
20 long Backing Tracks
Printable PDF with Tabs and Music Notation
Guitar Pro Tabs for every Lick
Media available for streaming & download
100% Digital - No Shipping Required



Price: $24.90

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