Daily Blues Licks Selection Vol.2

Daily Blues Licks Selection Vol.2

Here is my latest great selection of 20 Daily Blues Licks, which includes full solos and single licks covering different blues styles, keys, and rhythms. Every video is downloadable and comes with high-quality printable tabs with music notation, Guitar Pro 7 tabs, and long backing tracks.
Check out the list below!


GUITAR PRO TABS are included in this bundle.



1 & 174 Blues shuffle single lick in E
4 & 177 Blues shuffle intro lick in A
18 & 200 Emotional lick on a slow Blues in D minor
41 & 278 Blues shuffle intro lick in E
98 & 211 Rock blues Dorian sequence with 16th note triplets
139 & 269 My solo on The Thrill Is Gone - BB King
144 & 270 My solo on Need Your Love So Bad - Peter Green
156 Blues licks inspired by So Excited - Stevie Ray Vaughan
160 & 240 Dreamy licks sequence using the Dorian mode in E minor
167 Rock Blues rhythm and licks around the Hendrix chord E7#9
175 & 277 Full solo inspired by Kenny Wayne Shepherd in C minor
214 Jazz Blues solo on a 12-Bar Jazz Blues in Bb
227 Super slow minor Blues solo in A minor
254 Blues shuffle intro in G
257 Pentatonic major Country Blues licks in A
265 Rock Blues licks with arpeggios and Blues scale in A minor
267 Funk Blues sequence in E 
272 Medium tempo full solo on 12-Bar Blues in A
274 My solo on Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix
275 Arpeggios sequence in E minor



20 Videos in square format
20 long Backing Tracks
Printable PDF with Tabs and Music Notation
Guitar Pro Tabs for every Lick
Media available for streaming & download
100% Digital - No Shipping Required



Price: $24.90

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