Cold Shot - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Written by Michael Kindred and W. C. Clark, Cold Shot appeared on Stevie Ray Vaughan's second studio album Couldn't Stand The Weather, released in 1984. Cold Shot is one of the most popular songs of the Texan Rock-Blues guitarist. Mainly it's a blues shuffle centered around a variation of a minor blues in the key of A minor (8 bars of Am7, 2 bars of Dm7, 2 bars of Am7, 2 bars of Dm7 and 1 bar of Em7). The second part of the solo is over a standard 12-Bar minor blues progression. Stevie shows his typical rhythm technique, alternating between muted chord chops and full ringing chords. The solo uses notes from the Blues Scale in the key of A minor, entirely built on the first box of the scale and its extension.

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