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AndysLab.com offers online Video Lessons and Resources for Guitarists characterized by high quality content. This site contains Bundles: Bundles of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Bundles of Video Lessons (for example, a package of sevaral Videos to teach you how to play a song, along with theTablature, Backing Tracks and  explanations). In many cases you can also buy individual items from a Bundles (for example if you are only interested in a specific video that is part of a Bundle, or only the tablature, rather than Backing Track).




Free Sign-Up!


Registration at AndysLab.com is completely free and allows you to access many of the contents on this site: Scales, Arpeggios, Chords, Backing Tracks and many Video Lessons!


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V-Picks .. What are they?


For PREMIUM contents, AndysLab.com uses a credit system called V-Picks (Virtual Picks). V-Picks can be purchased (after the free registration) in bundles of 25, 50, 100 and 200 in an absolutely secure way through PayPal: you can use your V-Picks to access the content you want. In this way you will not need to pay a boring and expensive monthly or annual subscription: you'll be able to get lessons or bundles that actually interest you... for a few cents!






How to manage your V-Picks


On the footer of your browser, at the bottom left, you can always check the status of your V-Picks: you can see how many V-Picks you have, and through the MANAGE V-PICKS button go to the page to buy other V-Picks and view the history of your purchases. The same page can also be displayed by clicking on my Vpicks from myAccount on the main menu at the top.


How to manage V-Picks




 By clicking on My Lessons in the same sub-menu, you can check all PREMIUM content you have already purchased.


My Lessons



Remember that before buying V-Picks to access the content you prefer, you have to sign-up first. Registration also gives you the opportunity to have free access to all the resources marked as FREE. 


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Andrea Paoli

Andy Paoli è diplomato ALCM in Chitarra Moderna presso la University of West London. Titolare e fondatore della scuola di musica Andy's Lab con sede a Livorno, svolge attività di insegnamento da oltre 20 anni in Italia e all'estero.

Website: plus.google.com/+AndyPaoli?rel=author

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