Lenny - Stevie Ray Vaughan

How to play Lenny by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Lenny is an instrumental piece written by the Texan guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, recorded in 1982 and released in 1983. It’s the tenth track of the album Texas Flood. The song was written and named for his wife Leonora. Vaughan also named one of his guitars Lenny, which he used to play this song. The song is in 4/4 time and in the key of E major, it’s played very slowly and freely and the style is clearly influenced by Jimi Hendrix ballads like Little wing and The Wind Cries Mary. The main theme is played several times and consists in a short lick that comes from E Pentatonic Major between two chords: Emaj13 and A6. It lasts just two bars and at the end of the second bar, just after A6, there is always lick in E Pentatonic Major. The bridge section is an arpeggio over major 6th chords. This section is played twice, the second one is enriched with Pentatonic major licks over the chord progression. The solo parts are developed using an amazing crossfade between E Pentatonic Minor and E Pentatonic Major with lots of slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and double stops in a typical Hendrix style.

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